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Tories Vote To Force EU Nationals To Pay For Help To Stay

Edinburgh Council Votes To Pay EU Nationals Application Appointment Fee

SNP Leader of Edinburgh City Council, successfully passed a motion to make application appointments for EU nationals in the Capital free.

The city’s application services will now sign up to help EU nationals apply quickly and freely for those finding the online application process challenging.

The Council will now allocate £25,000 to help the Council’s application service keep appointments free.

By making it easier and free for EU nationals to get help to apply through the Council’s application services we are doing all we can to help people through this appalling process whilst reminding them that Edinburgh is their home and we stand with them as our residents.

Council Leader Adam McVey said, “The UK Government’s EU National application programme is a shameful way to treat our citizens, many of whom have been part of our city and community for decades. It’s somewhat ironic that the Tories, who can complained about a charge for people’s bin registrations, voted against removing the charge for EU nationals applying to register their lives in the Capital. When Tories believe registering a bin is a more important than applying to register your family to protect your rights, something has went badly wrong with their moral compass.”

SNP MSP for Edinburgh Pentlands, Gordon MacDonald, said, “The SNP has been clear across the board that we will support EU nationals in every way we can. Yet again, the Tories in Edinburgh have shown themselves as no better than the xenophobic party in Westminster that sent disgusting “go home” vans into our communities. I hope that despite the Tory’s treatment of EU nationals, they feel kindness and respect from the rest of us who are proud that they have done us the honour of making Scotland their home.”

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