“Ridiculous” UK Gov Block Elite Athlete Attending Scottish Championship

The UK government has been branded “ridiculous” for refusing to allow an elite athlete from war-torn Ukraine to participate in an upcoming competition in Edinburgh. Danyil Boldyrev, a past world-record holder who will compete in the 2020 Olympics, expected to take part in the European Championship for Sport Climbing in Edinburgh next week. The elite athlete has been refused a visa by the Home Office, who claimed Mr Boldyrev had been refused a visa in 2010 for a youth championship and failed to disclose this in his latest visa application. However, the International Federation for Sport Climbing (IFSC) has confirmed that Mr Boldyrev competed in the 2010 championship and provided e

New Currie High School

Currie Community High School is set to be upgraded and modernised in the First Phase of The Scottish Government’s New Learning Estate Investment Programme. New schools will be built from Aberdeenshire to Ayrshire in the first phase of a nationwide £1 billion investment programme. The Scottish Government will contribute funding of between £220 million and £275 million in partnership with local authorities across the country to replace 26 schools, with a further phase of investment to be announced within 12 months. Tackling the climate emergency is central to Scotland’s new Learning Estates Strategy, with lessons learned from previous education infrastructure projects informing future cons

National Plans to Tackle Climate Change and Build Fairer Country

Edinburgh Pentlands MSP, Gordon Macdonald, has welcomed the SNP’s ambitious new plans to tackle climate change and build a fairer country, outlined today in this year’s Programme for Government. Setting out her plans for the year ahead, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon set out how the Scottish Government would tackle the climate crisis with a range of new measures including £500 million of investment in public transport. The Scottish Government will put in place a ‘Green New Deal’, harnessing the power of the Scottish National Investment Bank to attract £3 billion of investment into green projects. It was also confirmed that the Scottish Child Payment, a brand new benefit to tackle child pover

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