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Included below are links to each of the three local or national government bodies that effect everyone's life by the decisions that are made. Part of the legislative process is public consultation and you can take part by clicking on the buttons below. 
Scottish Parliament


In order to share the power to influence policy, arrangements have been made to allow Parliament and interested individuals and groups to be consulted about proposed legislation before it becomes a bill. This pre-legislative consultation is designed to be open and participatory, allowing access to the decision-making process. This system prevents the government from being selective about which pressure groups have an opportunity to be consulted before policy is devised.


The outcome of the consultation process must be attached to draft bills (as a memorandum) and so the views of pressure groups and any opposition to the proposals are open and public at an early stage.

Edinburgh Council


The City of Edinburgh Council Consultation Hub will help you to find and participate in consultations that interest you.


Recently updated consultations are displayed or alternatively you can search for consultations by keyword, postcode, interest etc.


To keep up to date with new consultations, you can subscribe to the automated email notifications.




Scottish Government


Consultation is an essential and important aspect of Scottish Government working methods. Given the wide-ranging areas of work of the Scottish Government, there are many varied types of consultation.


However, in general consultation exercises aim to provide opportunities for all those who wish to express their opinions on a proposed area of work to do so in ways which will inform and enhance that work.


Consultation exercises may involve seeking views in a number of different ways, such as written papers, public meetings, focus groups, questionnaire exercises or on-line discussion forums.




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