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Scrapped "Boris Bridge" Plan Worth Up To £1.4 Billion To Economy Of Edinburgh

SNP MSP Gordon Macdonald has called on the Tory Westminster Government to make good on the money Scotland and Northern Ireland are owed as its share of the £20 billion from Boris Johnson’s ill-fated plan to build a bridge to Northern Ireland. Money which represents the equivalent of up to £1.4 billion for Edinburgh.

The project – promoted by Boris Johnson was costed at £20 billion, but since the plans for the bridge were canned the money has not been allocated for spending in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Now, Gordon Macdonald MSP is demanding that the money be allocated to Scotland to be spent on worthwhile transport projects that could transform connectivity in Edinburgh.

Commenting, Gordon said:

“Whilst the crossing was a daft idea, the SNP will engage with ideas of how funding can be distributed to ensure worthwhile investment in transport links across Scotland which will benefit communities like Edinburgh. £20 billion for a transport project in Scotland and Northern Ireland is worth up to £1.4 billion for Edinburgh.

“The Tories are up to their old tricks again as we saw last time they had control of Scotland’s money. When they diverted cash from the Highlands to try to boost dwindling Conservative support in south-east England.

“What the people of Edinburgh need is proper commitments that will make transformational changes to connectivity across the area. Edinburgh’s share of the cash would equal up to £1.4 billion and the Tories owe the community that money which would make a significant difference in how people get around.

“This also shows once again how out of touch Boris Johnson really is with people in Edinburgh and across Scotland as he has his priorities all wrong to bring about real change for people here.

“We cannot trust the Tories to act in the best interests of Scotland and that is why the people of Scotland should have the choice of a different path towards independence.”


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