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National Plans to Tackle Climate Change and Build Fairer Country

Edinburgh Pentlands MSP, Gordon Macdonald, has welcomed the SNP’s ambitious new plans to tackle climate change and build a fairer country, outlined today in this year’s Programme for Government.

Setting out her plans for the year ahead, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon set out how the Scottish Government would tackle the climate crisis with a range of new measures including £500 million of investment in public transport.

The Scottish Government will put in place a ‘Green New Deal’, harnessing the power of the Scottish National Investment Bank to attract £3 billion of investment into green projects.

It was also confirmed that the Scottish Child Payment, a brand new benefit to tackle child poverty, will be launched earlier than previously announced – with the first payments made by Christmas 2020.

Other commitments include: -

• Decarbonising Scotland’s railways by 2035, and making the Highlands and Islands the world’s first net zero aviation region by 2040 • Developing regulations so that new homes from 2024 must use renewable or low carbon heat • Providing an additional £20 million of funding to help tackle the drugs emergency • Putting in place a Women’s Health Plan to tackle women’s heath inequalities

SNP MSP Gordon Macdonald said: “The SNP has achieved a huge amount in government – in just the last year we’ve increased NHS funding, increased teacher numbers and pay and delivered brand new benefits through our Scottish Social Security Agency.

“Our plan for the year ahead is an ambitious set of proposals to tackle climate change and build a fairer country.

“Even in the midst of Westminster chaos and instability, the Scottish Government is determined to get on with improving lives in Edinburgh and across Scotland.

“But it cannot be stressed enough – while we are doing everything we can to move Scotland forward, the threat to our economy and our society posed by Boris Johnson’s plan for a No Deal Brexit remains.”

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