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Tattoo Charities Will Miss Out If Barracks Close

Edinburgh Pentlands MSP, Gordon Macdonald, has said that charities benefitting from the Tattoo will miss out if UK government press ahead with plans to close Redford Barracks.

The Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo is a particular favourite for many coming to the Festival – and this year it’s celebrating its 100th anniversary. However, the Tattoo’s reach goes further than 8,800 audience members each night of the festival.

Each year, the Tattoo distributes a substantial amount of its surplus funds to charitable arts and service benevolent organisations. Last year’s Tattoo culminated in £1 million being donated to arts and armed services charities. The SNP MSP, Gordon Macdonald, has raised concerns that the UK government’s plans to close Redford Barracks are inevitably going to mean that these charitable funds will diminish – as the Tattoo are forced to spend additional money on accommodation and rehearsal space.

More than 1,200 cast and crew are involved in the Tattoo and their accommodation and rehearsal space is currently provided by Redford Barracks. The closure of Redford Barracks would lead to additional expenditure, negatively impacting on the surplus generated – ultimately resulting in a reduction to the amount given to charities.

Since 2011, the Edinburgh Pentlands MSP, Gordon Macdonald, has called on the MoD to rethink its plans to close Redford Barracks. Most recently, writing to the new Defence Secretary in May. He is still awaiting a response over 2 months on and is now urging the MoD to wake up to the devastating impact this will have.

Commenting SNP MSP for Edinburgh Pentlands, Gordon Macdonald, said, “The Tattoo is an incredible world renowned event that showcases the talents of musicians and performers from every corner of the globe and the Tattoo’s charitable funds allows the city, as well as the wider country, to reap the benefit of hosting such an event.

“Last year the Tattoo donation to Edinburgh Council’s Culture Project Fund supported the second phase development of new performing arts work in Edinburgh – showing a local or citywide importance and developing partnerships working within the city’s cultural life.

“This is yet another example of the consequences of closing Redford Barracks. It will be the charities and people of Edinburgh that are left to suffer.

“I’ve been clear from the start and I truly hope the MoD takes notice of this – they need to wake up to the reality of what the closure of Redford Barracks will mean and provide the assurances I have been seeking since 2011, that Redford Barracks will remain open.”

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