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MSP Backs Budget To Deliver For Scotland And Secure COVID Recovery

MSP for Edinburgh Pentlands, Gordon MacDonald, has voted to pass the Scottish Government’s budget for 2021/22 – securing additional funding for our NHS, education, local government, and other vital frontline services with total investment increasing by £3.8 billion.

The amended Budget will ensure the introduction of free school meals for all primary school pupils by August 2022, free bus travel for all under-22s, £15m for active travel and £10m for energy efficiency projects.

The deal will also include an £800 pay rise for public sector workers earning less than £25,000, a 2% uplift for those earning up to £40,000, and an extra pandemic support payment of £130 for households in receipt of council tax reduction.

Commenting, MSP for Edinburgh Pentlands, Gordon MacDonald said, “In the face of UK government cuts to Scotland’s capital grant, the Scottish Government has delivered certainty and stability for our economy with a budget that delivers for every single person who lives in Edinburgh.

“This budget is being delivered in exceptional circumstances as we continue to battle a pandemic that has shaken our society and economy to the core, and as we face the harmful impacts of a hard Brexit.

“By voting against these plans for stability and certainty for the economy in Edinburgh, Labour and the Tories have shown they aren't remotely interested in doing what’s best for Scotland. They’re far more concerned with launching failing party-political attacks against the SNP.

“In contrast, the Scottish Government is getting on with the job of delivering for Scotland – with a budget protecting public services in the face of Westminster austerity and cuts.

“With an election just weeks away, this is a Budget the SNP can be proud to stand on. It’s a good deal for Edinburgh and a good deal for Scotland – and I’m delighted it has now received the support of the Scottish Parliament.”


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