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Gordon Macdonald Welcomes Record Funding To Boost Scotland's NHS Recovery

Edinburgh Pentlands MSP Gordon MacDonald has welcomed a £300m investment to boost Scotland’s NHS recovery from the pandemic – the biggest investment in the NHS in the history of the Scottish Parliament.

The funding will help the NHS through what is predicted to be one of the toughest winters and will ensure a cash injection for NHS Lothian, such as maximising capacity in hospitals and primary care, reduce delayed discharges, improve pay for social care staff, and ensure those in the community who need support receive effective and responsive care.

Commenting, Gordon MacDonald said, “The NHS across Edinburgh has experienced incredible pressure due to the pandemic and without our heroic NHS staff we would not be in the situation now where cases are falling and we are living with minimal restrictions.

“The SNP Scottish Government has already reaffirmed its commitment to the NHS with a 4% pay rise – the biggest pay rise in the history of devolution. Now, it will receive the biggest cash injection in the history of devolution.

“These announcements will also ensure that social care staff will receive a 5% pay rise.

“This incredible investment not only treats the NHS in isolation but ensures that everyone across the city can receive the treatment they need and as quickly as possible. It will also ensure that hospital capacity is being used to its fullest extent.

“Our NHS, social care staff and social work staff have been remarkable throughout the pandemic and this additional investment will help support them to deliver care to people across Scotland this winter.”


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