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Edinburgh Short-Changed By Almost £14.6 Million On EU Replacement Funding

SNP MSP Gordon MacDonald has slated the Westminster Tory Government for failing the people of Edinburgh by short-changing them by the equivalent of £14.6 million through the so-called Shared Prosperity Fund.

Following Brexit, which the people of Edinburgh did not vote for, the UK Government promised to replace every penny of the money Scotland previously received from the European Union. For this year, it is estimated that would have been £183 million.

However, figures just published show that Scotland will receive only £32 million this year. That is £151 million short of the £183 million promised and works out at an estimated equivalent of £14.6 million for Edinburgh.

Commenting, MSP Gordon MacDonald said: “Not only did the people of Edinburgh not vote for Tory Brexit, we are paying a very high price for this disastrous Tory obsession.

“EU funding has supported infrastructure projects and community initiatives across the country since the 1970s, with Scotland receiving and delivering more than £6 billion of EU Structural Funds.

“Being short-changed again by the Tories, this time to the equivalent of £14.6 million, really adds insult to injury for the people of Edinburgh.

“This demonstrates exactly why the Tories’ sick joke of ‘levelling up’ actually means our community losing out, with Edinburgh facing the estimated loss of £14.6 million had Scotland not been taken out of the EU against our will.

“Not only that, the Scottish Government previously made decisions about how best to spend the EU money based on local priorities. Now a UK Tory Government – which Scotland did not vote for and hasn’t done for a lifetime - is cutting Scotland’s elected Government out of the decision-making process. That is both a betrayal of democracy and a disgrace that money will be spent on Tory priorities which will fail to meet the needs of communities in Edinburgh.

“This is yet another shocking demonstration why the Tories cannot be trusted with Scotland’s future. Scotland deserves better than Partygate liar Boris Johnson’s litany of broken promises.

“By voting SNP in the local elections on May the people of Scotland will send a crystal clear message to Johnson’s Tories that they will never be trusted.”


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