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Children Across Edinburgh Excelling Under SNP Scottish Government

SNP MSP Gordon MacDonald has welcomed figures which show children across Edinburgh are excelling under the SNP Scottish Government.

Schools across Edinburgh are benefitting from £7.2m of funding for the coming year to reduce the attainment gap in the area.

As a result 95.1% of young people in the area go on to positive destinations. The latest figures also show that 19,523 have went into a modern apprenticeship under the SNP Scottish Government.

In helping to close the attainment gap, there are currently 10,016 children receiving free school meals.

Commenting, Gordon MacDonald said:

“Since the SNP formed a government in 2007, attainment and the number of pupils going on to positive destinations has improved across Edinburgh.

“This is down to the funding the SNP Scottish Government has provided to reduce the attainment gap and I am delighted that this will continue as £7.2m has been committed to reduce the gap even further for the coming year.

“The SNP Scottish Government is also ensuring that P1-3 children have the best start to their day by providing free school meals. This will also be extended to all primary schools within this parliamentary term.

“It is only the SNP who can be trusted to protect Scotland’s education system and on May 5 the people of Edinburgh have the chance to send a message to the Tories that we do not trust them with it.”


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