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3,784 Edinburgh Businesses Get £49.45 Million Cash Support Through Crisis

SNP MSP Gordon MacDonald has welcomed new figures showing that 3,784 businesses in the capital have received Scottish Government grants to support firms through the coronavirus crisis.

A total of £49.45 million has been awarded in Edinburgh through a Scottish Government scheme to support small businesses and the retail, hospitality and leisure sector.

The small business grant is worth over £1 billion to business, and is part of the wider business support package worth £2.3 billion.

In order that funding can be distributed as quickly as possible, eligibility for the grant scheme is linked to the non-domestic rates system.

Commenting, SNP MSP Gordon MacDonald said, “This is a very difficult time for businesses.

“This Scottish Government funding is designed to support firms and ensure that our economy is on the best possible footing when we get through this health crisis.

“Our support for business is now worth £2.3 billion. This is more than The Scottish Government have received from the UK Government and actively works to fill the gaps in the UK schemes with tailored support for the Scottish economy.

“I encourage all businesses across Edinburgh to ensure they are receiving the support they’re entitled to.”

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