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SNP Challenges Tory Minister Ahead Of Uni Visit

Ahead of a visit by Scotland Office minister Ian Duncan to Heriot-Watt university tomorrow, the SNP has posed a number of key Brexit questions that remain unanswered – despite the Tory commitment to drag Scotland out of the EU against its will.

Key questions over university research funding, trade, free movement, and industry still remain unanswered by the UK government, despite almost three years having passed since the Brexit referendum.

The UK government’s own analysis shows that growth in Scotland could be hit to the tune of £12.7 billion per year, or 9% GDP, with 80,000 jobs being put at risk.

These devastating effects will be acutely felt in the higher education sector – with Scottish universities facing losing out on the best international talent thanks to migration caps, as well as millions of pounds in vital research funding from EU schemes.

Commenting, Edinburgh Pentlands MSP Gordon MacDonald said, “Now is the time for answers – the Tories can’t get away with offering vague and confusing messages over Brexit anymore.

“On his visit to Heriot-Watt, Ian Duncan must outline why the Tory government is pursuing a Brexit that will hamper innovation in research and teaching at our universities.

“He must tell the people of Scotland why they are putting trade at risk through Brexit? Why the Tories are stopping the free movement of people, and labour from the EU to Scotland.

“Tory attempts to con Scottish voters about the devastating effects of Brexit simply won’t work.”

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