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Scottish Energy Exports to Rest of UK Double

Scotland’s latest energy statistics, published today by the Scottish Government, reveal a surge in electricity exports to the rest of the UK.

In 2018, electricity exports from Scotland almost doubled from 12,868 GWh in 2017 to 24,379 GWh in 2018.

Scotland continues to lead the UK in renewable energy – with provisional figures from the report indicating that 75% of Scotland’s gross electricity consumption was from renewable sources – an increase on 70% achieved in 2017.

Next week in Holyrood, MSPs will have their say on the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Bill that has been described by experts as ‘at the very limit of feasibility’.

The bill aims for Scotland to become carbon-neutral by 2050, and includes an ambition to achieve net-zero for all greenhouse gases as soon as possible.

Commenting, Gordon MacDonald said, “Our energy sector is booming – we’ve doubled our energy exports to the rest of the UK and ensured that three quarters of our electricity demand comes from renewables.

“Scotland’s renewable energy sector is one of the best in Europe, helping us to meet our climate change ambitions.

“The SNP’s Climate Change Bill will cement Scotland’s place as world leader in the field – setting ambitious, credible and affordable targets for the future”.

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