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Effective Management of Queensferry Crossing a Lesson to All - Audit Scotland

Audit Scotland's report commending the effective management of the Queensferry Crossing project confirms "the SNP Government’s excellent stewardship of the project", the SNP's Gordon MacDonald has said.

The report found that the Forth Replacement Crossing project was “managed effectively”, whilst achieving its overall aim of maintaining a reliable link between Fife and the Lothians. It commends the clear project scope and communication with stakeholders, as well as sensible budgeting, quality assurance and risk management measures. These measures helped to deliver impressive value for money, handing £245 million back to the Scottish budget upon completion. This report trashes criticism from Holyrood's opposition benches over the management of the project, which Scottish Labour embarrassingly dismissed as a “vanity project.” Gordon MacDonald MSP said, “Audit Scotland's praise for the SNP Government’s excellent stewardship of the Queensferry Crossing project is extremely welcome. “The bridge is an impressive feat of engineering, constructed to the highest industry standards, and the benefits have been delivered to road users as quickly as possible, providing a much more resilient transport link for commuters and the Scottish economy, especially in Fife and the Lothians. “And to top it all off, the project has delivered £245 million worth of savings for the Scottish budget. “That success has left the Scottish Labour and Lib Dem benches looking red-faced and foolish, following their relentless and pointless negativity about the bridge. “The Queensferry Crossing will be a lesson to all in effective project management in the future.”

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