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Edinburgh MSP Challenges Davidson Over Welfare Cuts - Tories In Turmoil Following Councillor Resigna

SNP MSP for Edinburgh Pentlands, Gordon Macdonald, has written to Tory leader and Edinburgh Central MSP Ruth Davidson challenging her to follow the lead of Ashley Graczyk and to stand up against callous Tory cuts across the capital.

Councillor Ashley Graczyk resigned from the Tory party this week in protest at cuts to disability benefits – just a month after it was revealed that over 1,200 disabled people across Edinburgh had lost vital support following UK government cuts, taking over £4.1 million away from vulnerable people in the capital.

Gordon Macdonald is now challenging Ruth Davidson to stand up for people across Edinburgh and to fight the cuts which are hitting the poorest people hardest.

Commenting SNP MSP for Edinburgh Pentlands, Gordon Macdonald, said, “Ruth Davidson is always keen to shout from the rooftops when the toxic Tories do something that she likes – yet is the first to be posted missing when their awful record of social security cuts is made public.

“Just like with the two child cap and the rape clause, Ruth Davidson doesn’t want to face any questions over the impact and scale of Tory cuts on her own constituents.

“Across Edinburgh, over 1,200 people have lost out on support they are entitled to because of the Tories moving the goalposts. That is a shameful record – and it is no surprise that people like Ashley Graczyk are saying enough is enough and quitting the party.

“People in the capital have lost over £4.1 million in support as a result of these Tory cuts.

“It’s high time Ruth Davidson made her voice heard and stood up against these callous cuts which are destroying our communities.”

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