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Planning Consultation Due to End

The Scottish Government are consulting on changes to the planning system. This consultation ends on 4 April 2017. The proposed changes can be found here and the consultation can be found here.

Gordon Macdonald MSP noted, “Currently, developers have too great a say in where and when sites are built on. This consultation is an opportunity to create a planning system where local residents have a greater influence and the potential to share in the benefits.”

An independent panel who reviewed the system heard from communities, developers, professional planners and a wide range of organisations with an interest in planning. The panel set out clear recommendations for change.

Gordon continued, “Planning policy has a long-term impact on our communities — on our health, wellbeing, sense of identity, prosperity, environment, and more often than not, on the congestion on our roads. I have campaigned in many areas of Edinburgh Pentlands against wrongly-placed and ill-thought-out housing developments — many times successfully, sometimes not. With a more robust planning policy, protecting open spaces and the Green Belt would be a lot easier. I would urge you to participate in the consultation.”

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