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Edinburgh leads the world in libraries

Every year the World Cities Culture Forum surveys different cultural aspects of member cities. This year’s survey found that Edinburgh was leading in terms of libraries.

Gordon Macdonald MSP welcomed the results of the survey that listed Edinburgh with potentially the highest number of libraries per 100,000 people.

Gordon noted that, “There are likely many ways libraries have been counted amongst the member cities, but there is little doubt that Edinburgh does have a large number of libraries - they are present throughout the city and have a presence in every stage of our lives.

“Edinburgh has four universities and a large dispersed college, resulting in multiple campuses each with several libraries. We have over 130 schools, all with their own library. The city council provide around 35 public libraries and the professional and academic institutions based in the city have at least another 30 libraries between them. The results of this survey will continue to enhance Edinburgh’s reputation as being a city of culture and learning and is something we can be proud of.”

The survey reported by estimated there were 60 libraries per 100,000 people in Edinburgh.

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