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A Vision for Our Community

Gordon Macdonald MSP encourages residents to complete a survey by Balerno Community Council called “A Vision for Our Community”.

Balerno Community Council have created a consultation document in order to receive the views of local groups and individuals regarding future development in the area.

Gordon Macdonald MSP commented, “As noted by the community council, they are not aware of the community ever being encouraged to give their views about how their community should develop. It is commendable that Balerno Community Council are being pro-active and taking the initiative to shape how their community develops. This will also give the voice of the Community Council extra weight when dealing with Edinburgh Council in terms of representing Balerno.”

The Community Council note on their website that the reason for the consultation now is that over the past four years they has been forced into a reactive role, responding almost continuously to applications for large-scale housing development. Therefore, the aim of the consultation is to promote discussion and debate, and to gain insight into resident’ thoughts. The survey is divided into a number of sections that each deal with different aspects of the community, including housing, facilities, transportation, health, and social care. Their plan is to find out “what makes a community tick and how do we hold on to and develop that here, in Balerno; how do we ensure that Balerno will continue to be a recognisable and thriving community in the future.”

The website states that when they have got the results they will prepare a draft community plan which will be put on-line for everyone to comment on.

Gordon Macdonald MSP further commented, “This survey will give the community the chance to decide what they want done in Balerno rather than simply seeing things being done to Balerno.”

The Community Council wants to talk to as many people as possible in the community, both individuals and groups, in the course of this consultation to find out what they and, if groups, their members think about the issues. Submissions to the survey can be made until 31 August 2016 and can be found on the Community Council website at: -

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