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Gordon Encourages Edinburgh Families To Complete Scotland's Census

SNP MSP Gordon MacDonald is urging the people of Edinburgh to play their part in planning for future services across Edinburgh by completing the Scottish census.

Speaking ahead of the May 1 deadline for completing the census, Gordon MacDonald said:

“The census is the official count of every person and household in the country, takes place every 10 years and it is in the interests of everyone in Edinburgh to complete it accurately and on time.

“The census benefits everyone because it helps the government and other service providers like local councils make important decisions about vital services such as education, healthcare and employment. Completing the census helps officials make better decisions about the things that matter to you.

“By setting aside just a few minutes to answer questions about yourself, your household, and the place where you live, you play a vital role in helping shape important community services across the city, from the building of new schools and hospitals to improving transport links and understanding health needs.

“So, it is hugely important to play your part to make sure everyone is heard, and everyone’s individual needs are accurately recorded.”


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